REPORT: Packers Could Be Cutting Clay Matthews, I Can’t Believe They Would Do This

Green Bay Packers

Even the best players on your favorite team see their time come to an end.

The Green Bay Packers might be looking at the final days of one of the fan’s favorite in linebacker and pass rushing specialist Clay Matthews.  With Matthews game taking a dip over the last couple years, it might be time to look at the man and see if he is worth it to keep on the football team, or would they be better off to let him go and use his money and spot to for another player.

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Per 247 Sports), Football Outsiders (via ESPN) had put together a list of every team’s bold offseason moves.  These moves might not be a fan favorite and might not even be the way that football team is moving, but it’s a move that makes sense if you sit back and think about it.  On the Packers, they said that Green Bay should think about letting Matthews go and cut him.

Bryan Knowles made his point on why he felt it was worth the bold move.

“While undeniably a team leader, Matthews’ play in 2016 was not up to his previous standards. Missing time with a hamstring injury and playing through a shoulder injury, Matthews ended with career lows in tackles and sacks, and dropped to playing just 46.4 percent of Green Bay’s defensive snaps. He has two more years on his contract, but the Packers could free up nearly $11 million by cutting the star this offseason. Matthews, who will be 31 next season, probably has one or two more solid years in him before age really takes its toll, but it’s always better to move on from a player a year too soon than a year too late.”

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By cutting Matthews, the Packers could use the money to re-sign Nick Perry.  Perry becomes a free agent on Thursday and is a player the Packers need and want to bring back.   Perry is more than likely going to bring $9-$10.5 million a year for his upcoming new contract and it will be tight as is for the Packers to re-sign him, a move away from Matthews could be the help that they need to do so.

The biggest downfall to cutting Matthews is his locker room presence.  Not only is Matthews a leader on the field and in the huddle, he has great leadership in the locker room as well as one of the defensive captains that the young guys look up to.

Should the Packers follow thru and cut Matthews, or is his leadership too important for this team to lose?

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