Rodgers Taken Back By The Retirement Of Romo

Green Bay Packers

The sports world was surprised by the recent retirement of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The Cowboys recently found out that veteran quarterback Tony Romo had decided to hang up his football cleats and were a suit and tie on Sunday’s as part of CBS’ top color analyst team with Jim Nantz.  No one was more surprised of the news than that of Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers knows a thing or two of playing quarterback at the highest level as he is considered one of the game’s best QB’s in the league.  That is something that Romo was considered during his time as well, even minus the big game, you can’t overlook what he did for the Cowboys during his career on the football field.  Without the talent around him, Romo was forced to do much of the work on his own and it showed come playoff time.  Take away the team Romo had in 2014 and 2016, he played for very mediocre football teams during his NFL career.

Romo’s final season won’t go down as his best, as a matter of fact he played in a total of one series, a series that he led the Cowboys to a touchdown on.  However, you can’t overlook what he did in terms of helping rookie quarterback Dak Prescott become the leader he was as a rookie and the knowledge he will take from learning next to Romo in practice and on the bench during games.

Rodgers might not like what had happened during the NFC Championship, but he had to like what his team did to what some considered the best team in the NFC (at the time) in that divisional round playoff game at Dallas.  Heading into that game, the Cowboys had an NFC-best 13-3 record and homefield throughout the playoffs.  Tony and his teammates watched as one of the game’s best players shredded that defense in victory.

Good luck Tony in your new gig, at least you won’t have to worry about playing opposite Aaron and the Packers anymore!

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