Joseph Randle Is Being Investigated, This Changes EVERYTHING

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The Dallas Cowboys named Joseph Randle their starter last year after losing DeMarco Murray to the Eagles.

The Cowboys now wish that that was all just a bad dream that would go away. Following an arrest this past weekend, more details are starting to come out about why the Cowboys cut Randle.

Randle was dealing with multiple issues with law enforcement when the Cowboys cut him midway through the 2015-16 season. One of the things that wasn’t made public was that the Cowboys learned that Randle had also been gambling on sports. While it is unclear if Randle ever bet on the Cowboys or did anything to intentionally sway games one way or the other.

This will surely make all Cowboys fans want to distance themselves even more from Randle. Cowboys fans are all about forgiveness and accepting anyone that is trying to get a second chance but this might just be the unforgivable.

Jerry Jones shared his thoughts on Randle’s gambling problem, “All of that became apparent to us right during the season. Not before the season. It became real acute, a combination of things. Some issues … became more apparent.” Jones was also asked if Randle ever bet on any Cowboys games and it sounds like he didn’t one can only hope that he truly didn’t.

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