Antonio Brown CAN’T WAIT!

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One of the dumbest rules the NFL has on the books has finally be altered. The league will still draw a line when it comes to celebrations. But the rule restricting them has been relaxed. Could it be that “NFL” will no longer stand for the “No Fun League?”

Many individual players—like Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown–will be happy if they start standing for “No Fine League” instead.

Last season, Brown was hit with a $9,115 for excessive celebration after scoring against the Washington Redskins. The league dinged him on two other occasions for $24,309 fine for celebrating, once during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs and the other the Indianapolis Colts.

His fondness for celebrations despite the penalties eventually forced the team to tell him to quit it.

“He knows, we all know, Coach [Mike] Tomlin brought it up yesterday, that is a huge penalty, and we can’t do that,” Roethlisberger said on his weekly radio show following Pittsburgh’s game against the Colts last season. “We put our kick coverage team in a bad situation, and we can’t have that, and AB knows that.”

So, when the news spread around the league about the changes to the celebration rules, Brown was like many—excited.

How excited? So much so that he posted a video of himself hanging out with the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell:

It will be interesting to see if Brown decides to keep his celebrations PG or goes back to his standard twerking routine. Doing so will still result in a penalty and likely a fine as well. It will not be shocking if the fine for illegal celebrations is a little higher since the rules against them have been relaxed.

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