Antonio Brown Just Called Out Brandon Marshall, I Can’t Believe He Did This

Pittsburgh Steelers

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall is very good at what he does and is a pretty decent teammate. While he will speak candidly and openly about guys, he will also get their back and express confidence in them like no other. He certainly did for Ryan Fitzpatrick last year—and it costs him a Porsche.

At least, it was supposed to cost him one. But from comments Steelers, wide receiver Antonio Brown recently made on Twitter it doesn’t sound like he’s paid up yet.

Brandon Marshall had a fantastic season with Ryan Fitzpatrick playing quarterback for the New York Jets in 2015. So, when Fitzpatrick finally signed a one-year deal to return to the Jets last season, he probably got a little excited. He probably imagined that they could be even better in Year Two since they were familiar with each other now.

Marshall has never been one to hold back what he is thinking or feeling. He must have been feeling super confident about 2016 when he heard Fitzpatrick was coming back. For some crazy reason, he decided to make a bet with Antonio Brown.

Marshall would put up a Porsche to Brown’s infamous Steelers-themed Rolls Royce. Whoever had more receiving yards during the 2016 regular season would win.

Why Marshall thought he could actually win is a mystery. Sure enough—he got smoked (1284-788). He apparently hasn’t paid up yet. After signing his new two-year, $12 million deal with the Giants, Marshall tweeted a picture of the contract.

Brown responded:

To be fair, Brown did not appear to take Marshall seriously last year so we don’t know for certain that any bet was ever made and accepted.

Marshall has responded to Brown:

Brown has yet to reply in kind.

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