Big Ben Looks To Be Leaning Towards Return In 2017

Pittsburgh Steelers

It was a little shocking when Big Ben first talked about possibly not coming back. But it is getting to a point where fans have almost been wishing he would make up his mind. Will he stay or will he go? Will the Steelers be Super Bowl contenders once again? Or will they fall into a trap like the Denver Broncos did after Peyton Manning retired?

For fans—it would be great to receive some good news from their superstar quarterback. It would also be nice not to have to wonder anymore. If only Big Ben would make a darn decision!

Rumors have done their rounds on the internet saying he will be back or is expected to be back. But rumors are not reality. It would sure be nice if Big Ben would say something to someone.

As it turns out, he has.

According to Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter, Roethlisberger said he is “leaning towards” coming back to play in 2017. The comment came while he was at the Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend at Liberty University.

So—reason to be excited? No—not yet. “Leaning towards” returning can just as easily become “leaning towards” retiring. He just needs to wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning with his back aching for that desire to dissipate.

But it is a reason for hope. It sure sounds better than the alternative.

As frustrating as it must be for fans, it’s better that he does take his time making his decision. That way, when he decides to return, he’ll be all in and will not second guess his decision. But if he doesn’t come back, hopefully, he’ll decide no later than April 26. That way the Steelers will know they may want to take a quarterback with one of their early-round picks in the draft (April 27-29).

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