BREAKING: NFL Star Career Likely Over, Prayers For You And Your Family

Pittsburgh Steelers

Football is a violent game that every player knows about coming into it.

On Monday night, we witnessed a horrible injury to Pittsburgh Steelers young linebacker, Ryan Shazier.  He made a hit over the middle, but his head was down and grabbed for his backed immediately.

Shazier would roll over with his legs looking limp, and would not move the lower part of his body.  He would be taken off the field in a cart.  That’s a scary sight for anyone, especially the family and friends of that player.  He would immediately get transferred to an ambulance, heading to a local Cincinnati hospital.

The injuries on Monday night are reminders of the how violent football can be!

According to Bleacher Report, Shazier underwent spinal stabilization surgery on Wednesday night at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Early reports are that it will months of recovery time for Shazier.  However, many fear that his football career might be over.

An injury like this is much more severe than that of a spinal contusion (via Michele Steele).

“Alessi says surgery is needed when the bones around his spinal cord are dislocated.  This is a much more severe injury (than a contusion)”

“This is a much more severe situation on our hands than we thought.”

An injury like this can have affects on both teams as we saw on Monday night.  Players taking a knee to pray for the safety of a teammate or an opponent. It didn’t matter that this game was a bitter rival between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  The players safety is always on top of the list, and each player hopes to make it out of the game with their safety and health.

Players know the consequences that come with playing this violent game.  It’s the hits that bring fans to their feet to cheer, but injuries like this which brings it down a notch.  At the end of the day, this is just a game.  No one wants to see any player get hurt, especially to the extent that Shazier did.  He got injured playing the sport he loves.

We all send our prayers to the Ryan Shazier and his family though this scary time!

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