BREAKING: Scary Injury To Pittsburgh Steelers Ryan Shazier

Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the scariest sights to see on the football field happened on Monday night.

Scary injury early in the first quarter of Pittsburgh’s game at Cincinnati!

The Pittsburgh Steelers just saw their defensive leader, Ryan Shazier exit on a stretcher with an scary injury.  The Steelers linebacker when into the locker room on a stretcher to be looked at for a possible back injury, hopefully nothing more serious (via Pittsburgh Steelers twitter page).

“Ryan Shazier has been taken to the locker room to be evaluated for a back injury.”

“At this point, his status is unavailable.”

The injury happened as Shazier went in for a tackle on wide receiver Josh Malone of the Cincinnati Bengals.  It was a short pass and Shazier appeared to have his head down making the tackle.

Shazier instantly grabbed for his backed before rolling over on his back with his hands in the air.  He was moving his hands, likely trying to get some sort of a feeling going.

Reports are that he left for the hospital to get further diagnosis on the injury.

Such a scary injury to see, especially with his head down.  You don’t want to make assumptions and fear the worst, but it didn’t look like he was moving his legs.  Hopefully this is nothing more than some sort of stinger that happened to the young linebacker.

Prayers to Shazier that is nothing serious!

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