What Can The Steelers Expect From The Schedule Release

Pittsburgh Steelers

With the killer B’s ready to roll, we can start to look at and pick apart the Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 schedule.

When the schedule comes out, it seems like Christmas morning for many fans.  You get the first glimpse of when and where your team will be playing at their division games and will they be playing on any of the big holidays.  The first thing I look for is the bye week and hope that it comes near the middle of the season.  That is exactly where it comes as they Steelers will be on their bye directly in the middle at week nine.  The second thing I do is break down the schedule in quarters to see if the Steelers can win each quarter of the season.

In quarter one, the Steelers have a pair of division rivals, at Cleveland and at Baltimore, along with at Chicago and home versus the Vikings.  It’s a tough start as the Steelers will be on the road for three of the four games, but I think they get it done and win three of the first four games, winning the first quarter.

The second quarter is a little tougher as they have home games against an improve Jaguars team and division rival Bengals.  They also will head to Kansas City and Detroit, making it five road games for the Steelers out of their first eight games.  Pittsburgh has a little bit of a drop off and go 2-2 in the next quarter, but keep their record above .500 heading into their bye week.

Coming out of the bye, the Steelers have a tough game in Indianapolis followed by a pair of really tough home games against the Titans and Packers, finished off by a trip to Cincinnati.  This will be a tough stretch of games and I see them winning this quarter, but it will be a tough battle to do so.

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In the final month of the season, the Steelers will likely be fighting for the title with the Ravens and Bengals as they usually do.  This division is always one that goes down to the wire and the Steelers will benefit with all the early road games.  They finish the season with three of the final four at home, a place that the Steelers are a very good football team.  I believe they head into the postseason on a four-game winning streak and a shot to dethrone the New England Patriots in 2017.

Pittsburgh shows why they are considered one of the best teams in the league as they finish the year 11-5, while winning the AFC North.  The usual suspects of Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown finish the year with no injuries for the first time in a while.  If the big three can indeed stay healthy, the Steelers will be a huge threat to the Patriots this year.

I can’t wait for September to get here and the Steelers to finish what they were so close to doing in 2016!

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