Days After Getting HUGE News From The Steelers, Le’Veon Bell Makes A Fans Wish Come True

Pittsburgh Steelers

Over the last few years, a trend has been developing on social media. Yes, many trends have come and gone on social media over the years. But this one, while not as popular as it once was, is still happening on occasion. People will go on social media and ask celebrities to attend prom (or some other formal occasion). The request typically has one condition attached—a specified number of retweets. If the tweet is retweeted enough, the celebrity will attend the event with the fan.

Saturday night, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell became the latest to receive a prom proposal from a fan:

To which he agreed, but on one condition:

Fans on social media are typically pretty helpful in situations such as this. Most seem to like the thought of helping a fellow fan get a date with one of their favorite players. As could be expected, the Twitter-universe helped out, and within hours Bell’s condition was met and surpassed. By 9:30 pm Saturday night it had 1,100 retweets.

A man of his word, Bell confirmed his intention to attend:

It is never necessary for players to agree to do such things. They can’t possibly know what sort of person they are accepting a request from. Despite a small element of risk, it is nice to see players willing to make a special occasion even more memorable for a fan.

The night should be a hit. That is, as long as he doesn’t break an ankle trying to get too creative with his dance moves!

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