Martavis Bryant Fires Back At Recent Signing Comparison To Justin Hunter

Pittsburgh Steelers

Rather than describe a player based on his merits, it is not unusual for the media to do so using other players. A running back is a shifty as…. A wide receiver has hands like…A quarterback has an arm like…More often than not, the comparisons are a little over the top. But the media finds it paints a more vivid picture even if it isn’t always an accurate one.

From time to time a comparison is made involving two players and one of the players does not like the comparison. That appears to be the case for Martavis Bryant. The currently suspended Steelers wide receiver has been compared to the Steelers newest addition, Justin Hunter. He does not appear to be too fond of being compared to Hunter:

He can complain all he wants, but it is not hard to see why the comparisons have been made. Both are 6’4”. Hunter weighs about 203 pounds; Bryant weighs in at 211 pounds. Hunter ran a 4.36 40-yard dash at the combine; Bryant ran a 4.42.

So, both are big, athletic players. But the comparisons do not stop there. Their production has almost been identical as well. Hunter has 78 receptions for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns to his name. Bryant has 76 receptions for 1,314 yards and 14 touchdowns to his.

Bryant may not want to face reality, but there is a very good reason why he is being compared to Hunter. Their careers are pretty similar. To be fair, Bryant only needed two seasons to accumulate his stats while Hunter needed four.

But Hunter doesn’t have a history of drug issues while Bryant does which means the team can count on Hunter to be available. Bryant—not so much. Maybe that’s why Bryant is really upset. He thinks the Steelers are preparing for life without him with another version of him.

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