Not On Pittsburgh’s Watch Will They Be Ussd As Leverage For Hightower

Pittsburgh Steelers

In a perfect world, NFL players would get paid what they are worth. Whether they are superstars, role players, or reserves–they should get paid accordingly. It shouldn’t be a big deal. It shouldn’t be that hard, and it shouldn’t require any shenanigans–by the players or the owners.

But it appears that free agent linebacker Dont’a Hightower may be trying to get away with some shenanigans.

Rumor has it that he has every intention of resigning with the New England Patriots. But he wants more money. So, in an effort to get the Patriots to increase their offer, he has been taking visits with other teams and fielding offers. He’s been to the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, and saw the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday.

While the Steelers could use him, they don’t care much for being used by Hightower. Rather than turn him away, word is they issued him an ultimatum. If he leaves without signing their offer, then they pull it. Having lost Lawrence Timmons and Jarvis Jones, one would think the Steelers may be willing to make Hightower an offer he can’t refuse.

As it turns out, Hightower spent the day at the Steelers facility but ended up leaving without a deal. The Patriots have more cap space than the Steelers making it hard to imagine Pittsburgh offering him a better deal than New England.

It would have been nice to add a superstar caliber linebacker to the roster, but it looks like the Steelers may have to draft one of their own.

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