REPORT: The NFL Is Trying To End James Harrison’s Career, This Is Ridiculous

Pittsburgh Steelers

He’s a marked man you might say.

The NFL has a drug policy that allows for random testing of its players. However, there is normally a rhyme and reason to the “randomness” and it seems it is targeting one of the Steelers’ most high profile players.

James Harrison posted on his Instagram account that he has been tested by the NFL three times in the past three months. The NFL can test players up to six times in any given offseason, but it seems that Harrison has been unfairly targeted by NFL officials who always have it out for him.

Harrison it turns out was also tested multiple times at the end of the 2016 season. He is 39 years old, entering his 14th season and has been fined many times for his vicious hits. League testing is allegedly random and done by an independent administrator which uses a computer to randomly select players for samples. It can test 10 players each week, and yet of the 40-50 players which can be tested a month, Harrison “randomly” got tested once a month. “I’m starting to think it’s not as random,” Harrison told in December 2016. “I just wish I had that much luck with the lottery. That’s all.”

Why do you think the NFL has decided to target Pittsburgh’s most recognizable defender?

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