The Steelers Just Made A SHOCKING Coaching Change

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You’d think a coach would be more responsible, wouldn’t you?

Joey Porter was an impact player for the Steelers for several seasons. His intensity however seems to have carried over to his coaching career which seriously embarrassed himself and the team after a big playoff win.

Porter was placed on leave after he was arrested for a dispute outside a Pittsburgh bar Sunday evening. Porter was charged with assaulting a doorman at the bar as well as the police officer who arrived on the scene. “We are continuing to gather information concerning Sunday night’s incident involving Joey Porter,” Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement Monday.

Head coach Mike Tomlin has faced some criticism of late for being too lax on his players. His coaches have also gotten into hot water as they’ve gotten into fights after games and had other incidents. Porter is no stranger to breaking the law and has been arrested on prior charges. All this is happening as Pittsburgh prepares to travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs. Pittsburgh defeated KC earlier this season, but with so many distractions who knows what will transpire.

Are you worried about the Steelers’ focus? Is it time to move on from Tomlin? Will Joey Porter be fired?

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