Players Hold Meeting Over The Comments Of Their Coach On National Anthem

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The atmosphere in Dallas might be a little intense with the recent comment made by Cowboys owner.

Jerry Jones made a comment following the loss to Green Bay.  He said that his team will stand for the National Anthem, and any player disrespecting the flag will be punished for it by not playing.

Players have said since this started that this has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag.  Players are protesting the injustices people of color still face today in America (via SB Nation).

The demonstrations by players during the National Anthem was to get people’s attention.

The Cowboys held a team meeting with players (via Bleacher Report).

This team meeting was held to air out frustrations by this team and their players.  The frustrations might be due to the play of the team to start the year, but it’s a coincidence it happens after their owners comment.  Coaches listened to the frustrations, but int he end, they were told to “ask Jones.”

One unknown player told a member of ESPN that this isn’t what they were told prior to their demonstrating in Arizona (via Josina Anderson).

A Cowboys player told her…

“I’ve never heard this tone from Jerry, ever.  Goes against everything he told us in Arz.”

Another source told her…

“It is what it is.  Making more out of political BS on both sides.”

The NFL is currently trying to see if they can get the rule changed to require NFL players to stand for the Anthem.  This is what the NBA has in their rules.  It appears Roger Goodell is trying to do the same for his sport.

The fall meetings for the league takes place on October 17 and 18.   The new rule could take place shortly after, if passed!

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