REPORT: Legendary NASCAR Driver Says Goodbye Forever, This Is Heartbreaking


NASCAR driver says goodbye forever leaving thousands in tears. You will be missed…

It is the end for NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth after he welcomed the win with open arms. Furthermore, Matt Kenseth recently shared that he would be done racing after the 2017 season and he wasn’t lying.

The Nascar driver revealed that he was going to be taking time off from racing because he wants to spend more time with his family. Meanwhile, the 45-years-old the driver took advantage of the opportunity to break away from when his contract ended before the 2018 season.

Left as a free agent and open for a new ride and team in the upcoming season. Kenseth made the decision to step back for an undetermined amount of time. -CR

As of now it seems that he is never going to return, and he was going to have as much fun with it as he could. Furthermore, he ended up spraying Joe Gibbs with champagne after the win. And even joked about being fired.

After the race Kenseth released a statement with tears rolling down his face. Meanwhile, it was an emotional time for everyone who knew him and for NASCAR fans.

Furthermore, he shared that the journey has been amazing for him and that it was a dream to leave with a big win.

“It’s been an amazing journey. I know I’m being a big baby right now, but I’ve got just one race left. Everybody dreams of going out a winner. We won (Sunday). Nobody can take that away from us.”

This is a sad time but a great decision for Kenseth wanting to spend more time with his family. Do you think he should go? Let us know in the comments!

You can see a short clip fro his interview in the video below:



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